South Shore Chess, Inc.
10971 Elmont Woods Drive
Glen Allen VA 23059-6347
Mission Statement Our mission is to promote the game of chess to the community and to provide a non-discriminatory educational and social environment where chess can be played, taught, studied and enjoyed by all. 
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CEO/Executive Director Mr Daniel C Racine
Board Chair Mr Daniel C Racine
Board Chair Company Affiliation retired
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Address 10971 Elmont Woods Drive
Glen Allen, VA 230596347
Telephone 857 8881531
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2014
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Projected Revenue $17,000.00
Projected Expenses $17,000.00
Mission Our mission is to promote the game of chess to the community and to provide a non-discriminatory educational and social environment where chess can be played, taught, studied and enjoyed by all. 
Our organization has two free chess programs that were start up several years ago and are still running in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area. The South Shore Chess Club meets in Quincy, Massachusetts, and serves the communities south of Boston. The Randolph Chess Club is located at the city of Randolph's Turner Free Public Library and is a dedicated children's chess program.
For the current year, we are creating a children's program in Richmond called CheckMates of Greater Richmond which will begin once the new school season starts in September 2017. This program will be free and all children from grades K-6 are welcome. CheckMates of Greater Richmond will be free to all and will be hosted at the Richmond Public Library.  The directors of South Shore Chess Inc. are personally paying for the startup and operational and other costs with running this new chess program. 
Needs Since the inception or our organization, the directors of South Shore Chess Inc. have completely funded our non profit. Since our chess programs are free, we have not received any income nor membership fees. It is at this time, with our third free chess program, that our organization seeks funding to support our newest program, CheckMates of  Greater Richmond. Our directors are not compensated and they have given much of their own savings already to keep our chess programs running. As a result, our organization seeks as much funding as allowed in order to start new chess programs, operate chess programs, purchase equipment, and to give the children of Richmond the best possible learning, social, and fun environment. 

South Shore Chess Inc. formed by Daniel Racine in 2010 as Quincy Chess Club primarily to serve the Quincy, Massachusetts, community with a place to meet, study, teach, and play chess. For two years, Quincy Chess Club met every week at a local supermarket and increased its membership to over one hundred members. As word spread about the success of the club, Mr. Racine was contacted by the Turner Free Library of Randolph, Massachusetts, with the request to start a scholastic chess program.

After Randolph Scholastic Chess Club was formed in 2012 and gained popularity, Mr. Racine created the nonprofit organization, South Shore Chess, in order to encompass both clubs that he was running simultaneously. The organization was deemed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization by the IRS in 2014.

In 2014, South Shore Chess was awarded a grant from the Staples, Inc. Foundation for its work with the children of the Randolph, Massachusetts. Thanks to funding from the Staples Foundation, chess equipment, chess books were purchased, and funding for scholastic chess tournaments were established.

Since relocating to Virginia, the before mentioned chess clubs are still running today. 
Daniel Racine's next project is to bring a children's chess program to his new home of Richmond, Virginia. 
CEO Statement South Shore Chess is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a primary purpose to give back to and improve the community, with particular a focus on children, through chess. Our programs are free to join. Our leadership receives no payment for these services and is dedicated to giving back to others. 
Board Chair Statement
As President and Founder of South Shore Chess, I started the original chess club, South Shore Chess Club, as my way of giving back to my community.
My dad taught me the basics of chess when I was young boy. In the 6th grade, my public school in Barnegat, NJ, starting teaching chess in the classroom and also had an after school chess club which I loved to be part of. My high school did not have a chess club, so I started my very first community chess club when I was 16 years old in Southern NJ. When I attended Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, I was a member and later became President of their Chess Club. 
After college, I worked many hours in my career in the financial world and after years of hard work and becoming established in the workforce, I decided to start and finance the South Shore Chess Club from the ground up as a way to give back to the community.
Chess has given me many skills since I was a boy (such as improved critical thinking, increased math and reading ability, improved problem solving, sportsmanship, making friends, and more) that I have used in my later education years and in my career and in my social life.
As a result, I knew that I wanted to give back to others through chess and wanted to make it a free organization so that all children and adults could be a part of it.    
I strongly believe that children who are introduced to chess will also obtain a multitude of skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.  
This is why I started South Shore Chess Inc. nonprofit and hope the organization and its programs will continue to have a positive impact in the community.   
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Metro Richmond
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr Daniel C Racine
Company Affiliation retired
Term Dec 2016 to Dec 2021
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Mr. Daniel C Racine Retired
Mr. Eugene J Racine retired
Ms. Jill Starbard Accenture
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Board Meeting Attendance % 100
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Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
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Executive Director
Executive Director Mr Daniel C Racine
Experience The Executive Director, Daniel Racine, has had over 28 years of experience being part of chess clubs, playing chess, and creating and running chess clubs. 
Term Start Dec 2016
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Volunteers 3
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Retention Rate 100
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The goal of CheckMates is to teach children in grades K-6 the game of chess. As children master the game, they have the opportunity to advance in skill level and learn more advanced chess.
Through the game of chess, CheckMates strives to help kids succeed in school and also help them become productive members of society. The program also has a goal of turning the beginning level student into a competitive, tournament level player.
Through the CheckMates program, students will be able to compete in scholastic chess tournaments across the state and ultimately, the Virginia State Scholastic Championship. 
As a startup to the Richmond area, CheckMates of Greater Richmond will require startup funds for such things as purchasing chess equipment, boards, pieces, chess clocks, books, tables, chairs, teaching board, and other teaching tools). 
The program will also need operating funds to keep the program going and for the benefit of the students.  
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years)
Budget $17,000.00
Short Term Success By the end of 2017, our short term success would be to have CheckMates up and running with a full student participation rate. 
Long Term Success For children of the Greater Richmond area grades K-6, the CheckMates program will offer a multitude of life long educational and social skills that few programs can offer. The program will be open to all children and will be free so that every child has the opportunity to be part of it. Our program is unique in that a child need not come from a wealthy family, or be the fastest runner, or tallest in her class to be part of our program. Our ultimate success is based on the success of our students. 
CEO/ED/Board Comments The greatest challenge is to raise funding.
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Projected Revenue $17,000.00
Projected Expenses $17,000.00
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Currently in a Capital Campaign? Yes
Campaign Purpose To start and run the CheckMates children program.
Dates May 2017 to Dec 2017
Amount Raised To Date $0.00
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? Yes
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