Gloucester United Emergency Shelter Team
6536 Moose Drive
Gloucester VA 23061-5199
Mission Statement
The mission of GUEST is to develop, sustain and coordinate a comprehensive continuum of care for the homeless, and near-homeless, citizens of the Middle Peninsula (the counties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, Mathews and Middlesex) in order to move the homeless population toward self-sufficiency.
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Board Chair Kristie Askew
Board Chair Company Affiliation Salem United Methodist Church
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Address 6536 Moose Drive
Gloucester, VA 230615199
Telephone 804 803-1755
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2015
Financial Summary
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Projected Revenue $20,443.00
Projected Expenses $12,158.00
The mission of GUEST is to develop, sustain and coordinate a comprehensive continuum of care for the homeless, and near-homeless, citizens of the Middle Peninsula (the counties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, Mathews and Middlesex) in order to move the homeless population toward self-sufficiency.
Accomplishments from this past year were:
  • Providing 24 hour-a-day shelter to the homeless with the help of over 600 volunteers.
  • Providing 4 months of hypothermic shelter to the homeless through the rotation of seven local churches.
  • Providing three meals a day, 7 days a week to the homeless.
  • Providing a Day Shelter for the homeless to have a place to shower, wash laundry, access the internet to apply for jobs and benefits and to have a resource center to learn about government and community organizations for additional needed services.
Goals for the future are:
  • to help break the cycle of homelessness.
  • to build relationships with other organizations that have similar goals of assisting the homeless and near-homeless.
  • to build awareness of homelessness and available resources.
The most pressing needs GUEST experiences are:
  • Finding regular financial support and donors.
  • Having dedicated volunteers to serve in the shelters.
  • Having a Day Shelter Coordinator/s to oversee the operations of the Day Shelter and providing a salary of approximately $15,000 per season.
  • Building relationships with local organizations to come to the shelters and provide classes, resources, and/or additional assistance to the homeless.
  • Locating affordable housing resources in the local area.
GUEST began as a result of some organizations in the Gloucester Resource Council recognizing the need for caring for the homeless in the Gloucester and surrounding communities.  A group of local pastors and concerned citizens began meeting with the Salvation Army Gloucester Office to discuss how to help the homeless with winter shelter needs. GUEST was quickly developed and first began operating in January 2014 with only a night shelter offered through the rotation of host sites located in local churches.  The first season offered overnight shelter from the cold, sleeping accommodations and three meals a day to homeless men, women and children.  
In January 2015, the Gloucester Moose Lodge offered the free use of a building to GUEST to operate a day shelter.  The day shelter allows GUEST to provide 24-hour shelter to the homeless.  The day shelter provides free shower facilities, laundry facilities, internet access and computers for the homeless to search and apply for employment, housing and benefits.
In December 2015, GUEST operated for the third season providing day and night shelter.  GUEST partners with Bay Transit to provide local transportation for the homeless to go between the day and night shelters.  When Bay Transit is closed on the weekends and holidays, local churches volunteer the use of their church vans for transportation.
The most unique aspect of GUEST is that the shelters are staffed by 100% volunteers.  GUEST has over 600 trained volunteers that serve each winter, providing shift supervision, meals and transportation when Bay Transit is not available.
Board Chair Statement
At the age of 17, I found myself as a homeless teenager, right here in Gloucester County, trying to finish my senior year of high school.  I was a straight-A student with dreams of attending college, but I had no family support and no place to call home due to my father's alcohol and drug additions.  I thankfully received tremendous support from my teachers and principal and managed to graduate in the top 5% of my class and go on to college.  Later in life, I found myself as a single mother of three children, living in poverty, and working three minimum wage, part time jobs to try to make ends meet.  These experiences opened my eyes and my heart to the difficulties that families face in trying to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  
It has been an honor to serve on the GUEST Executive Committee from its inception and help design and create a program for homeless individuals and families in our community.  I previously served as the Secretary for two years, Vice-Chairman for 2015-2016 and recently became the Chairman for 2016-2017.
One of the greatest successes of GUEST is the unity found in the Gloucester Community to support such an endeavor.  Individuals, local churches, businesses, community organizations and local government have all come together to provide winter shelter in our community.  Another success is that within one year of opening, GUEST was able to expand its operations to include a Day Shelter to provide a shelter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week shelter during the winter months of December through the beginning of April.  And of course, the most important successes are found in the lives of the individuals that have found hope as a result of using the GUEST shelters.
As any organization experiences growth, GUEST has seen challenges arise along the way.  An active Executive Committee meets weekly during the operating season to oversee the operations and address challenges as they occur.  As we try our best to find solutions, there are several challenges that still exist:  limited public transportation, little to no low-income or affordable housing options and limited resources for clients with mental illness.  GUEST continues to build relationships with organizations in the community to address these challenges with what resources may be available.  
I enjoy serving my community by volunteering with GUEST.  Homelessness is a difficult situation to find yourself in, and often it is very difficult to get out of.  I strive for GUEST to be that resource that helps individuals and families not only have a shelter over their head and hot meals to eat, but to provide opportunities to improve their quality of life and end the cycle of homelessness.
Kristie Askew
GUEST Executive Committee
Areas of Service
Areas Served
Essex County
Gloucester County
King and Queen County
Mathews County
Middlesex County
New Kent County
GUEST operates in Gloucester County, VA, but serves residents of the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck.
Board Chair
Board Chair Kristie Askew
Company Affiliation Salem United Methodist Church
Term Mar 2016 to Sept 2017
Board of Directors
Board Members
Amanda Adams Newington Baptist Church
Bill Adams Gloucester County Sheriff's Office
Al Burner Bethany United Methodist Church
Judy Burner Community Volunteer
Anne Dugas Community Volunteer
Jay Fox Community Volunteer
Harry Leonard Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church
Sonnie Leonard Community Volunteer
Pauline Littell Gloucester Point Baptist Church
George Miller First Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dr. Doug Nagel First Presbyterian Church
Bill Parks Community Volunteer
Rev. Rita Staul Olive Branch United Methodist Church
Rev. Kevin Sweeney St. James Anglican Church
Rev. Sven vanBaars Abingdon Episcopal Church
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Caucasian 16
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Male 9
Female 7
Board Term Lengths 1
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Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 6
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 20
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Fiscal Year
Projected Revenue $20,443.00
Projected Expenses $12,158.00
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