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Mission Statement The Family Restoration Network (FRN), an initiative of the Timothy Project, is a consortium of churches, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that can be assembled and launched in any jurisdiction with a local jail or prison. We identify incarcerated fathers of minor children who want to become rock-solid citizens upon release and construct around them an airtight training and coaching system to ensure such an outcome.

We assign Family and Fatherhood Coaches, Employer Relations Specialists and Assessment Proctors whose professional skills serve to accelerate these Returning Fathers' successful re-entry and re-integration.
CEO/Executive Director Mr. Eric Ronald Samuelson
Board Chair Mr. Eric Ronald Samuelson
Board Chair Company Affiliation Management Development Institute
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Address 12518 Stagfield Road
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Year of Incorporation 2003
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Projected Revenue $110,000.00
Projected Expenses $110,000.00
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Mission The Family Restoration Network (FRN), an initiative of the Timothy Project, is a consortium of churches, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that can be assembled and launched in any jurisdiction with a local jail or prison. We identify incarcerated fathers of minor children who want to become rock-solid citizens upon release and construct around them an airtight training and coaching system to ensure such an outcome.

We assign Family and Fatherhood Coaches, Employer Relations Specialists and Assessment Proctors whose professional skills serve to accelerate these Returning Fathers' successful re-entry and re-integration.
  1. Witnessing the frustration of Returning Fathers who seemingly have few job skills, we have created a "social entrepreneurship" business model to train them for value-added work once they are freed. Our first project is Restoration Farms, a greenhouse-based aquaponics enterprise which has been thoroughly studied by Environmental Science students at Randolph Macon College during the 2015-16 school year. We intend on installing these operations at a number of jails and Virginia State prisons once the research is complete. Inmates will learn horticulture and fish raising techniques among several other skill sets. Leaders in Richmond have expressed keen interest in the operation.
  2. Since its creation in 2013, FRN has served 106 men with an average of three children each for a total of approximately 320 children. If properly funded, we expect to serve approximately 40 men and 120 children during 2016.
  3. Having retained a former writing professor from the University of Richmond, we will develop, polish and publish a certification system for FRN Fatherhood Coaches. The basic elements are in place, but require professional oversight to complete.
  4. We have sourced an in-kind donation of a sophisticated database tracking system which will permit an astounding new level of accountability and progress reporting. However, we've learned that this system requires consultation to be setup properly.
Needs Our most pressing needs include:
  • $7,500 to customize a Re-entry Training System which uses gaming theory to instruct men in the five Competencies they will need to succeed after release.
  • $15,000 to erect each five-module Aquaponics greenhouses inside of various prisons and jails.
  • $20,000 to obtain professional oversight of the creation of a sophisticated database that includes dozens of criteria necessary to track the success/failure of our system.
  • $8,000 to operate a van (already owned) through year end for men who need transportation to work.
  • $2,000 to create and print a Job Readiness Portfolio, including the Winslow Profile, Skilldex Report, Bonding Letter, tax credit notice and other items for the men we're working with at Deep Meadow Correctional Center.
  • $4,000 to compensate our Family Coach as she works with two dozen men at Deep Meadow prison and Peumansend Creek Regional Jail to develop signed Co-parenting Agreements and to conduct comprehensive intake interviews.
Background America seems to have mastered the prosecution and incarceration side of the criminal justice system. We’ve instituted three strikes laws, mandatory minimum sentences, prosecutorial discretion and an abolishment of parole in certain jurisdictions. We lock up a lot of people. However, most observers agree we’ve not done a very good job in repatriating prisoners back into civil society. As such, we are haunted by a high rate of recidivism and family disintegration.
At the Family Restoration Network our mission is to locate that subset of incarcerated men who are fathers of minor children and to provide an environment that turns these Returning Father’s hearts toward their children. When a man has only himself to consider he can be selfish and boorish. By working exclusively with those men who have young children and encouraging them to think multi-generationally, we tap into masculine qualities of planting seeds and leaving a legacy. Such men are more easily socialized. Whether he has historically been a good father or not, we have found that many men have an inherent desire to fulfill this aspect of manhood if given an honest chance.
Subsequent to his release from a correctional institution each man follows one of three “journeys”: Villain, Victim or Hero. Villains return to prison. Victims wear one or more of the labels that society readily offers: ex-con, impoverished, homeless, unloved and devoid of hope. Heroes choose a redemptive path leading to a wholesome life. They provide loving fatherhood to their children, secure gainful employment, pay down their social debts and live as productive citizens. They embark on a “Hero’s Journey”. This is the solution that we offer at the Family Restoration Network.
Successful journeys require several components, including:
Map (our Hero’s Journey Process), Supplies (training that produces new skills), Guides (Family and Fatherhood Coaches), Communication (video technology), Motivation (to be a successful father) and Destination (productive, legal employment and model citizenship).
We have developed a seven-track process which outlines the many “front-stage” and “back-stage” aspects involved in delivering this transformational system.
CEO Statement As the Founder of this faith-based nonprofit, I have been drawn from my comfortable, countryside lifestyle and called into the dysfunctions of the criminal justice and social service systems in our cities. As a professional management consultant, I am used to unraveling complex challenges in business. The number of interlocking factors contributing to urban social problems are numerous and well-documented. Truth be told, there is plenty of blame to go around. It's time to deploy a comprehensive, thorough and practical solution to this deep-rooted, systemic issue.

At the Family Restoration Network, we are no longer waiting for Superman to rescue us. We are no longer looking to government, or educators, or social philosophers or business leaders to heed the call. We are a team of firing-line, solution-minded people who carry a smoke-of-battle aroma. We intend to bring sustainable, highly relational answers to the matter at hand.
Areas of Service
Areas Served
Metro Richmond
We are built to enter any jurisdiction, although Richmond and Central Virginia are the primary target areas. The Sheriff of Houston's jail has expressed an interest, as have others.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Eric Ronald Samuelson
Company Affiliation Management Development Institute
Term Nov 2003 to Nov 2031
Email eric@mdiworld.com
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Dr. Owen C. Cardwell Jr.New Canaan International Church
Dr. Joe Ellison Jr.City Park Church
Mr. Wendell Globig Globig Investments
Mr. Eric Samuelson Management Development Institute
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Executive Director
Executive Director Mr. Eric Ronald Samuelson

Mr. Samuelson is president of Management Development Institute, an organizational consulting firm, and an elite licensee of the Winslow Research Group. He is the founder of The Timothy Project, which includes the Family Restoration Network and Restoration Farms, a job readiness program for Returning Fathers. Mr. Samuelson is FRN’s unpaid Executive Director.

Term Start Dec 2003
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Mr. Eric Samuelson
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Retention Rate 100
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The Family Healing Conversation™ strengthens the father’s emotional connection to his child(ren) by appealing to his protective spirit and his willingness to provide for them. A Family Coach meets with each inmate or newly released man privately, identifying 14 potential areas of child-rearing agreement. Next the Coach meets with the mother and may finally meet with both parents together. The goal is to secure a comprehensive, signed Agreement which guides ongoing decisions about child-rearing.


The Job Readiness Predictor™ helps prepare the inmate to secure legal income upon release. Our proprietary system, the Skilldex tool, classifies 6,000+ skills in 43 employment categories. The Winslow Assessment measures 24 personality traits essential to personal success and career advancement. These results produce detailed reports for each Returning Father. We then comb through local employer databases to find those places willing to interview formerly incarcerated men. By comparing each man’s qualifications to the needs of potential employers, we create a Gap Analysis, which successfully identifies which inmates are most suitable for which jobs. Employers value FRN as a respected, external, human resource team which sends pre-screened, pre-qualified, suitable men for interviews.


The Fatherhood Coaching Process™ assigns a Fatherhood Coach to mediate with government agencies and employers to keep the Returning Father from returning to prison for non-violent crimes (such as failure to pay child support). The Process also encourages alternative sentencing, which spares the public the cost of imprisonment.

Restoration Farms (pilot year: 2016) brings together the resources of FRN, Randolph-Macon College, and Ashland Berry Farm.  Returning Fathers will be trained, while sill incarcerated, in the construction and maintenance of an aquaponic ecosystem where fish (tilapia) and plants (lettuces and greens) co-exist in a sustainable, renewable environment. The harvested fish and greens will feed inmates or will be sold to the general population.
FRN has the contacts in the area's prisons and jails to support this project.  Randolph-Macon is contributing teams of student volunteers to design and evaluate the system.  Ashland Berry Farm has committed to building a similar system at the Berry Farm and will employ a selected number of  Returning Fathers upon their release.
Fiscal Year
Projected Revenue $110,000.00
Projected Expenses $110,000.00
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