Rice's Hotel - Hughlett's Tavern Foundation, Inc.
73 Monument Place
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Mission Statement

To provide a highly interactive historic site offering educational experiences built around the Tavern and its courtyard activities.

CEO/Executive Director Mrs Judith K Mooers
Board Chair Judith K. Mooers
Board Chair Company Affiliation Volunteer
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Address 73 Monument Place
P.O.Box 579
Heathsville, VA 224730579
Telephone 804 580-3377
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History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1994
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To provide a highly interactive historic site offering educational experiences built around the Tavern and its courtyard activities.


In the past year we have focused on different levels of education:

  1. Our school program focuses on a “living” history day, sharing what life would have been like in the late 1700’s, children and teachers spend a day focused on textiles, quilting, Tavern life, blacksmithing, woodworking and journal letter writing.
  2. Grandparents Camp was a first this year, having an adult spend time with a child learning heritage arts programs.
  3. Story Boards have been mounted on our four (4) buildings to introduce and tell the story of the Historic Heathsville Square. At the time of inception, a town was built around the tavern and courthouse, establishing a town square. The foundation has recreated part of that.
  4. The Spinning and Weaving Guild offered a college level class for the community to learn the art of weaving. 
  5. Involvement in a church sponsored young women’s empowerment summer course, where the young adults learned to make a quilted pillow.

The coming year include:

  1. Coordinate with the community to promote Heathsville as the "Historic Heart" of Northumberland County. This will include new signage and an effort to "populate" the town with life-size painted "cut-outs" of colonial figures. Ours would be of a colonial couple headed for refreshment at the Tavern. The man will have his arm extended, pointing at the Tavern, in an effort to bring greater visibility, since we are very much hidden by the old county courthouse and hard to see from the road.
  2. A coloring book of the history of the Tavern and its’ role in Northumberland County’s’ history.
  3. Adding additional education classes for woodworking, quilting, drawing and painting, weaving; at both the adult and children level.
  4. Become certified to teach Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts badge requirements.
  1. Better signage. We say we are a "hidden treasure." We'd like to say we are a "well-known mecca."
  2. Volunteers are our next greatest need.  In forming Leadership Groups to explore the future and continue the Taverns growth.
  3. Ability to maintain the historic Tavern Building.  The historic building is the reason we are here.  Being stewards of a historic site.
  4. Increase membership.  Membership dollars is our major support for the Tavern.
  5. Increase our scholarship program.  Support local high school in providing yearly scholarships.

In 1992, a group of local citizens became the Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern Foundation, Inc. (RHHT) and received title to a dilapidated historical hotel tavern that was ready to collapse. These members used their creative organizational skills, and contributed physical and monetary efforts to stabilize the rubble. Additionally they developed a preservation plan and sought funding toward this goal. Local political support and state funding brought about Federal Restoration Grants from ISTEA (Federal Intermodel Surface Efficiency Act of 1991). Nothing spurs action like action. And so, as this historic hotel/tavern site came back to life (now with a viable tavern restaurant, it encouraged more funds that allowed the “Rangers” (a core of dedicated volunteers) to build a replica Blacksmith Shop. ISTEA grant funds then supported the building of a Transportation Museum\and Meeting Hall.  The Tavern/Hotel was considered a transportation hub in pre-automobile times, so gifts of antique carriages brought about by a need for a Carriage House to exhibit them. The Foundation's enthusiastic membership and ISTEA came through again. Today this group of buildings inspired by a now growing Foundation membership once again provides a vibrant community center, The Historic Heathsville Town Square.

As it begins its third decade as steward of the Tavern at Heathsville, the RHHT Foundation restates its mission and commits itself to this charge.
CEO Statement

What is unique about the Tavern? Its volunteers! We are so lucky to have a majority of our members volunteer their time; cutting grass, working in the gift shop, handcrafting items to sell at Farmers Market, running the Farmers Market program, cooking food and putting up tents  for fund raising events, cleaning the facilities, watering plants, marketing, writing articles, and just so much more. They are the backbone of the organization and talented too. Our docents; local history buffs and specialists in historic arts, run our education programs for the schools, group tours and special requests. They make up the guilds and interest groups, furthering our desire to share history and Heritage Arts with the community. Without our people we would just be a building to look at.

Board Chair Statement

Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern Foundation was established for the purpose of rehabilitation of an historic building that was in ruins. The original team of volunteers was diligent in caring for the artifacts from the building and assuring that it was restored accurately and carefully. With the opening of the building in 2002, the initial objective was accomplished. In the subsequent ten years, the Foundation has continued to maintain the building and share the heritage that it represents with the community. 


In the beginning, a Quilt Guild has been an active supporter and a major fund-raiser for the Foundation. Over the last ten years three more guilds and artisan groups have been added to the Tavern family: blacksmith, woodworkers, spinners and weavers, and scrap bookers. These groups support the educational objectives of the Foundation providing education and historic information. Additional buildings have been added to the historic square.


The guilds are changing the character of the Foundation.   The guilds work to produce high-quality hand-crafted items, using traditional skills. The blacksmith’s forge, the woodworkers shop (use both modern and traditional tools), and the spinners’ and weavers’ studio are open to the public several days each week and skilled volunteers are available to educate and demonstrate skills. The quilters and scrappers meet on-site on a regular basis and have classes and events that are open to the public.


As the skills have grown, the Foundation is attracting more skilled artists and artisans. In the last year, we have begun to formalize a program of classes. In 2012, we initiated the program with a 5-day “camp” for children to learn Heritage Arts with an accompanying adult. This program is informally called “grandparent’s camp”; being an ideal way for grandparents to share time with their grandchildren. The initial camp was very successful and we anticipate more sessions in 2013. We are also initiating a program of workshops on Heritage Arts in the fall of 2013.


With broadening our focus, we face some inevitable strains within our membership.   Maintaining and protecting our historic tavern building must always be our first objective. We are challenged to find ways to support the production requirements of the guilds without compromising this objective. With the on-site studios and workshops, the Tavern is becoming a social focus in our community.

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Board Chair
Board Chair Judith K. Mooers
Company Affiliation Volunteer
Term Jan 2012 to Jan 2018
Email jkmooers@gmail.com
Board of Directors
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Wonda Allain Quilt Guild representative
Susan Campagnola Spinners/Weavers Rep.
Lien Groenwold Secretary
Cheryl Hanline Community Volunteer
Barney Harris Artisan Trail Liaison
George Hollows Community Volunteer
Ken Kauffman Blacksmith Guild representative
Donald Lentz Treasurer
Penny Mace Woodworkers Guild Rep/liaison
Judith Mooers Foundation President
John Muller EVB
Joe Thompson Community Volunteer
Bev Thompson Crafter Liaison
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Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100
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Executive Director
Executive Director Mrs Judith K Mooers
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Corinne A Becker Executive Director
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Projected Revenue $96,200.00
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