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Mission Statement

To advocate for the rights and full participation of all children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.  To provide and improve systems of supports and services, connect families and inspire communities.  

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Students attending Hanover Arc Summer School host a bake sale. Hanover Arc helps people with disabilities to live A Life Like Yours (ALLY) with education, homes, jobs and meaningful lives in our community.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Lucy Cantrell
Board Chair Mr. Teelo Rutledge
Board Chair Company Affiliation Warrior Realty
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Address P.O. Box 91
Ashland, VA 23005
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History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1974
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Projected Revenue $118,000.00
Projected Expenses $118,000.00

To advocate for the rights and full participation of all children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.  To provide and improve systems of supports and services, connect families and inspire communities.  


Hanover Arc works with, and on behalf of, over 350 individuals of Hanover County who have developmental disabilities (DD).  Hanover Arc currently serves 85 adults and 100 children – and their families.  Since 1967, we have used education, resources and commitment to provide and improve support services and systems, inspire communities and influence public policy.  By improving the quality of life for residents with DD and their families, Hanover Arc improves the quality of life for every resident of our community.

The main objective of Hanover Arc’s work is to help people with DD to live A Life Like Yours (ALLY) with a home, an education, a job and a meaningful life in the community.  ALLY is our vision for each of the adults and children – and their families and care givers – that we serve.  To achieve this vision, Hanover Arc helps our clients to reach their educational, vocational, physical, financial and social potential.  As we assist our clients, we also help their families with the information and assistance required to find success in the difficult and demanding responsibility of caring for an individual with DD.

Each year, approximately 185 adults and children with developmental disabilities – and their families – receive services from Hanover Arc.  In the past, Hanover Arc rarely had a waiting list.  However, the economic downturn has caused the reduction and elimination of public services.   In Hanover County there are currently 122 children and adults on the waiting list for an Intellectual Disability Medicaid Waiver.  Of the 122, 75 are classified as urgent, meaning they are in imminent danger of placement in state institutions.   Medicaid coverage for respite care – which once held an annual limit of 720 hours – has been cut by 66%.  This reduction in public funding coupled with current job losses and decreased wages for our families has increased our ALLY Services requests.   


The number of requests for assistance does not include the indirect clients we serve – the siblings, parents and caregivers of our clients.  Entire families benefit when emergency rent assistance ensures stable housing.  Parents and siblings benefit from respite care and Saturday Sitters.  Supplying adaptive equipment reduces the physical demands of caring for family members. The entire community benefits from Hanover Arc’s education and resource navigation services.  Through education efforts, the community develops an increased awareness of developmental disabilities and, by extension, becomes more inclusive and compassionate towards all people.  


Since the economic downturn, Hanover Arc has received increased requests for emergency needs – especially food, housing and medical costs.  Under our current budget, it will be difficult to meet all these requests and we may have to turn people away.


In 1967 a group of Hanover County parents united to bring about a better quality of life for their children with developmental disabilities.  At a time when few options other than institutional school were available, these parents envisioned their children living lives like the other citizens in the community. The group started the first summer educational program for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Hanover Arc evolved from this beginning.  Now, over 40 years later, Hanover Arc has created and ensured the success of many programs and services that have become an ongoing part of our community.  These programs include Hanover County Community Services’ Case Management, day programs for adults, the inclusive Parks & Recreation Youth Summer Program, Supported Employment in Hanover County Public Schools, Afterschool Inclusion, Saturday Sitters and numerous other initiatives.  

CEO Statement


Hanover Arc is distinguished from other organizations in several ways.  The philosophy of Hanover Arc is that the individual with the disability comes first - always!  Person-centered thinking, individualized supports and self-determination are core values. As an organization that receives no public funding, Hanover Arc is able to carry out its mission and always place the individual first. Hanover Arc is able to be an advocate for individuals and systems because our funding is all from private funding sources.

Hanover Arc believes that the individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are the primary stakeholders and are "the experts".  The Board of Directors includes strong representation from individuals with DD, family members and concerned citizens.
Adding to our strength and uniqueness, is that Hanover Arc is not an "empire builder".  We are a community builder seeking ways for people with DD to have access to the same educational, recreational, residential and vocational opportunities that everyone else has.  To achieve that Hanover Arc partners with other organizations to increase opportunities for children and adults with DD to participate with non-disabled peers rather than apart from peers.  Example - why should there be a separate youth summer program for children with DD if supports and staffing can be put in place to ensure that children with DD can participate alongside their peers?  Hanover Arc is always leveraging what already exists and partnering to open doors where needed rather than building separate programs that segregate people.


Areas of Service
Areas Served
Hanover County
Metro Richmond

Hanover Arc provides direct services to the residents of Hanover County.  In addition, our work in educating the community and serving as an advocate for people with developmental disabilities assists residents from throughout metropolitan Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Teelo Rutledge
Company Affiliation Warrior Realty
Term Jan 2015 to Dec 2016
Email teelo@warriorrealty.com
Board CoChair
Board CoChair Mr. William Hamilton Holloway
Company Affiliation Federal Reserve
Term Jan 2016 to Dec 2017
Email prhamiam@mac.com
Board of Directors
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Mr. Julius Anongos RE/MAX Realtors
Mr. Nathan Barnum Direct Mail Solutions
Ms. Kim Goodloe Fine Metals
Mr. Hamilton Holloway Communications Consultant
Mr. David Hopper Cook Heyward Lee Hopper Feehan
Mr. Teelo Rutledge Warrior Realty
Ms. Sharon Straus American Family Fitness
Ms. Dottie Walsh Virginia Commonwealth University
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Executive Director
Executive Director Ms. Lucy Cantrell

As Executive Director of Hanover Arc since 1991, Ms. Cantrell oversees organizational administration, board management, fund raising, direct service provision and systems advocacy with many volunteers and community partners.  Before coming to Hanover Arc, Ms. Cantrell was Services Director for the Goochland-Powhatan Community Services Board for 10 years.  In that position she directed all programs serving individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and infants at risk.  Additional positions include Hanover County Community Services Case Manager, Hanover Arc, Inc. Camp Director and Hanover County Schools Special Education Teacher.  Ms. Cantrell currently serves on the Arc of VA Board of Directors, the Hanover County Public Schools Special Education Advisory Committee and as a Virginia Medicaid Waiver Mentor.  She holds a Masters of Education in Special Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BS in Special Education from James Madison University. 

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Part Time Staff 1
Volunteers 50
Contractors 1
Retention Rate 100
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Date Strategic Plan Adopted Jan 2014
Management Succession Plan? Under Development
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Collaborations and partnerships are part of the foundation for Hanover Arc's effectiveness as a small organization that gets big things done.  Additionally as an organization committed to inclusion and integration, we naturally collaborate  so that those we serve are living, working, learning and playing with non-disabled peers.
Nearly all of our Adult Recreation is done in collaboration with other public and private organizations.  Churches host inclusive social events.  Our Community Club for adults is done in partnership with Hanover County Department of Parks and Recreation.  Our Recreation and Respite Funding is done in partnership with two other organizations so that we have a unified and streamlined application and allocation process.  We even partner with another organization to present one of  our major fund raisers, A Taste of Hanover.  Many of the doors that were opened for people with disabilities were the result of pilots and partnerships with another organization to get the service established.  Some of those are the integrated Youth Summer Program, Afterschool Program in the high schools and Transition Services in the public schools.
United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg Partnership Agency1977

Hanover Arc helps people with developmental disabilities and their families to find and access legal assistance, medical assistance and Medicaid Waivers, financial counseling, educational scholarships, housing renovations for increased physical mobility and other public and private resources. Another part of Resource Navigation is Hanover Arc’s lending “library” of adaptive equipment and financial assistance for the purchase of new equipment.  Hanover Arc helps people borrow or purchase wheelchairs, adaptive beds, hearing aids, home lifts and learning materials.

Budget $31,000.00

For each of the adults and children we serve, Hanover Arc works to find the most inclusive environment possible.  For adults this means meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities.  Children are enriched with extracurricular activities and summer opportunities including therapeutic riding lessons, physical therapy, swim lessons, family camping, summer school and summer camp. 


Budget $9,000.00

Through Recreation and Respite Care, Hanover Arc brings relief to tired care givers and new experiences to our clients. Adult Recreation helps people with DD form friendships with people of similar abilities – and with college students, business representatives, teachers and people with and without disabilities.  Through our Saturday Sitters program, children with DD and their siblings join in structured programming from 4 to 7 pm on eight different Saturdays throughout the year.  Because appropriate child-care resources are rarely available for families with DD children, this program provides a much needed and deserved break for parents. Siblings meet and form friendships with children in similar situations.

Budget $39,500.00

The current economic downturn and recent cuts in services once covered through Medicaid Waivers have placed additional financial strains on families who already face extraordinary costs. When all other resources have been exhausted, families turn to Hanover Arc for assistance.  At those most difficult times, Hanover Arc assists with money for rent, utilities, food and medicine.  

Budget $8,000.00
The Life in the Community Conference and Resource Fair is one of our major community education events.  This features a nationally recognized speaker  on topics important to youth who are preparing to transition from high school to adulthood and adults who want to  learn more about living a full and meaningful life.  Educators and other service providers attend also.  The Resource Fair has exhibits from private and public organizations that provide vocational, residential, recreational, educational and many other services relevant to people with developmental disabilities.  Life in the Community is sponsored by Hanover Arc, Autism Society, Central VA and the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond.  It is a Central VA and beyond regional event.   providers.  Through continuing community education, Hanover Arc has removed barriers to participation in an array of county programs, addressed the need for public transportation, after-school programs, developed partnerships with area organizations, and educated members of the Board of Supervisors and Virginia General Assembly.  
Hanover Arc provides Medicaid Waiver workshops for individuals, families, educators, social workers and others who are interested in partnership with Hanover County Schools.   At the request of other school districts and organizations we provide Medicaid Waiver Workshops that are within the Greater Richmond Metro Area.
Budget $9,000.00
Fiscal Year
Projected Revenue $118,000.00
Projected Expenses $118,000.00
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