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The Elizabeth Kates Foundation helps women incarcerated in state prisons in Virginia by providing educational, vocational and restorative programs to reduce recidivism.

CEO/Executive Director Joan Dalrymple
Board Chair Joan Dalrymple
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Address P.O. Box 64
Goochland, VA 23063
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Year of Incorporation 1942
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The Elizabeth Kates Foundation helps women incarcerated in state prisons in Virginia by providing educational, vocational and restorative programs to reduce recidivism.


Believing that education is the cornerstone of rehabilitation to reduce recidivism, the Kates Foundation funds a variety of educational and vocational opportunities for women incarcerated in Virginia to prepare them for returning to the community.

The Kates Foundation provides scholarships for women to take correspondence college courses. Since the fall of 1999, more than 270 scholarships have been awarded, valued at over $70,000. Women at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women (VCCW) in Goochland, Virginia; the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women (FCCW) in Troy, Virginia; and the Central Virginia Correctional Unit 13 (CVCC) in Chesterfield, Virginia, have benefited from the scholarships.

For many years, the women at VCCW had no opportunity to take college courses onsite. In the spring of 2001, the Kates Foundation began funding onsite classes. The Kates Foundation has funded over 700 students in on-site classes at a cost of over $200,000.  While English and American history courses have been the mainstays, other courses, such as math, religion, psychology and personal wellness are often offered. Courses funded by Kates scholarships provide the bedrock upon which the students can continue their education upon release.

At VCCW, the Commercial Foods and Horticulture programs receive financial support from the Kates Foundation. These vocational programs provide the women with valuable workplace skills. In addition, through a dual enrollment program, the Kates Foundation provides funds that enable students to obtain certification and college credits upon successful completion of the Commercial Foods program. When called upon, Kates Foundation has also financially supported students in the dual enrollment Business Software program.

The Kates Readers Book Club program, which receives financial support from the Kates Foundation, encourages women studying to obtain their GEDs. Through Kates Readers, the women improve their reading, vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Women in the pre-release program at VCCW can take advantage of Kates Kloset. This is an opportunity for those in the final weeks of the program to obtain new and gently-used clothing appropriate for job interviews and work.

Although a small, all-volunteer organization, The Elizabeth Kates Foundation is an efficient provider of rehabilitative services to women incarcerated in Virginia and has positively impacted the lives of these women, their families and the communities to which they will be returning.
Needs The Elizabeth Kates Foundation relies on the generosity of donors to support the mission of helping in the rehabilitation of women incarcerated in state prisons in Virginia. Without funding by the Kates Foundation, there would be no opportunities for women at VCCW to take college courses or correspondence courses. Dedicated volunteers are needed to serve on our Board of Directors, our Auxiliary Board and participate in Kates Readers Book Club and Kates Kloset. Volunteers are needed throughout the year for special projects.

Thousands of women incarcerated in Virginia prisons have been helped by The Elizabeth Kates Foundation (Kates Foundation.)  Elizabeth Kates, the first warden of what is now called the Virginia Correctional Center for Women (VCCW), believed in the rehabilitation of prisoners.  After she sought assistance from the community for funding for rehabilitative services not provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Elizabeth Kates Foundation was started in 1942.

The Kates Foundation continues today as an all-volunteer organization governed by a 16-member Board of Directors. The Kates Foundation’s mission is supported by hundreds of donors and volunteers. Working closely with the Warden and staff at VCCW and the Department of Corrections, the Kates Foundation has responded to changing needs for rehabilitative services, the increased number of women incarcerated in Virginia and the building of additional correctional facilities for women.

Since its founding, the Kates Foundation has recognized that both the incarcerated and the community at-large benefit from the provision of rehabilitation services, as most of the incarcerated women will be returning to the community. Over the years, the Kates Foundation has supported many types of rehabilitative services to help with the educational, spiritual, cultural and personal needs of female prisoners, as well as family support.

Today, the Kates Foundation focuses primarily on educational needs and has provided scholarships for college courses to women at VCCW, Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women and Central Virginia Correctional Unit 13. The Kates Foundation was instrumental in bringing onsite college classes to VCCW after other funding was no longer available.

Educational needs supported by the Kates Foundation include financial support for a book club to encourage women who are studying for their GED, vocational horticulture, food services and business software programs, as well as, college level correspondence courses and onsite college courses.

Many of the women are mothers and the Kates Foundation assists, as needed, with M.I.L.K.—Mothers Inside Loving Kids. By helping the offenders keep in contact with their children, Kates helps their families. And if the offender is also a “Kates Scholar” and enthusiastic about learning, she may impart this enthusiasm about learning and education to her children.

In addition to helping women with education programs to increase their chances of successful reentry into the community, the Kates Foundation has a program—Kates Kloset—to provide gently used clothing and accessories appropriate for job interviews and employment to women upon their release.

The Kates Foundation has continuously worked hard to provide relevant rehabilitative services in an efficient manner to the benefit of women incarcerated in Virginia.
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Board Chair
Board Chair Joan Dalrymple
Company Affiliation Community Volunteer
Term May 2016 to May 2018
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Sonia Brokaw Community Volunteer
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Joan Dalrymple Community Volunteer
Donna Levy J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Brooke Carter Mangiaracina Henrico County Public Schools
Lisa Nuss Community Volunteer
Ruth Quarles Community Volunteer
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Kate Sarfaty Community Volunteer
Peggy Spera Community Volunteer
Bill Stapleton Department of Corrections
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Vickey Verwey David R. Simonsen Jr., Attorney at Law
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Karen Willis HCA Johnston-Willis Hospital
Karen Willis HCA, Healthcare, Inc.
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  1. On-site Community College Courses: Foundation funding makes it possible for community college courses to be offered at Virginia Correctional Center for Women (VCCW). Scholarships, including tuition and textbooks, are awarded for the fall and spring semesters.  For the fall semester, funding is being provided to 28 women with two classes being offered.
  2. Correspondence Courses: Scholarships are awarded for courses through Louisiana State University, and currently, funding for tuition and books is being provided for several students.
  3. Support For Vocational Education Programs: As requested, the Foundation provides funds for commercial foods, horticulture and business software programs.
  4. Kates Readers: This program is an educational book club for women working on their GED at VCCW. Students in these programs are provided with basic school supplies.
  5. Kates Kloset Clothing is provided for exiting inmates to help with re-entry.
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Projected Revenue $40,000.00
Projected Expenses $57,310.00
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