Drive Smart Virginia, Inc.
720 Moorefield Park Drive, #201
Richmond VA 23236
Mission Statement Drive Smart Virginia, founded in 1995, is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to educating drivers and raising traffic safety awareness in order to save lives and reduce injuries on the roadways of Virginia.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Janet Brooking
Board Chair Mr. Bryan Marangoni
Board Chair Company Affiliation GEICO
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Address 720 Moorefield Park Drive, #201
Richmond, VA 23236
Telephone 804 323-3200
Fax 0 000-0000
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2000
Financial Summary
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Projected Revenue $595,985.00
Projected Expenses $595,985.00
Mission Drive Smart Virginia, founded in 1995, is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to educating drivers and raising traffic safety awareness in order to save lives and reduce injuries on the roadways of Virginia.
700 people were killed and over 63,000 injured on Virginia’s roadways in 2013.
There are various causes for motor vehicle crashes and most of them are preventable. DRIVE SMART Virginia (DSV) has been a pioneer in the fight against distracted driving. April 2012 marked Virginia’s 7th annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month which was supported by an official proclamation from Governor Bob McDonnell. DSV spearheaded an education and outreach campaign that reached out to employers, schools, organizations and the general public to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

Young and inexperienced drivers are at a high risk for being involved in crashes. DSV has delivered teen driving programming to high schools across the Commonwealth, including creating 2 mandatory curriculums for Driver's Education classes that will reach over 100,000 students each year. We reached thousands of students with hands-on education that included activities such as a distracted driving simulator and a texting and tricycle obstacle course. In addition we have a website dedicated to teen drivers, their parents and educators. (

Sometimes, motor vehicle crashes can occur simply due to a lack of awareness. DSV educates car drivers about the special considerations that need to be addressed when driving around large commercial vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. In addition to creating and distributing educational materials, DSV also attended numerous outreach events to educate the public about the importance of sharing the road, and organizes VA Bicyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Week.
Moving forward, we'll continue our focus on strengthening these 3 areas, including the creation of a distracted driving coalition and summit. Another focus will be on implementing a recently completed strategic plan and fundraising initiative.
Drive Smart Virginia delivers traffic safety programming to many different target audiences across Virginia. Funding is needed to strengthen our current programming as well as to extend our reach. For example, we currently need to secure funding to continue our teen driving outreach and education efforts. This includes hands-on activities that educate students about the dangers of texting and driving. A driving simulator for this program can cost around $20,000 with extra funding needed for staff time, travel, and equipment maintenance.
Another new activity that we are focusing on this year is the Distracted Driving Summit. We are in need of staff to plan this event as well as equipment, operational costs and educational materials related to this summit.
Drive Smart Virginia was founded in 1995 by six of Virginia's insurance companies, including Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide, State Farm, USAA, and Virginia Farm Bureau. Since 1997, Erie Insurance, Farmers Group, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and Alfa Alliance have also joined the organization.

Members of the Board of Directors include a diverse group of leaders from private industry, state and federal government, law enforcement, military, media, and traffic safety organizations. DSV partners with a variety of entities in order to maximize the number of drivers we reach with our programming. As a statewide non-profit, our goal is serve all the citizens of the Commonwealth, with a special focus on high-risk drivers and historically underserved areas.
CEO Statement

Drive Smart Virginia is the only statewide nonprofit dedicated to improving the safety of the roadways of Virginia. In 2011, 764 people were killed and 63,382 were injured in car crashes in Virginia. While many still feel that injuries and fatalities due to car crashes are random accidents, they are preventable in most cases. In fact, 94% of all crashes are caused by driver behavior, which means that if we raise awareness about the dangers of various driving behaviors, such as texting and driving, and are effective in changing behavior, we will likewise reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roadways. The American Academy of Science reported that “Injury is probably the most under recognized major public health problem facing the Nation today.” 

Our goal at Drive Smart is to reach the driving public through campaigns focused on Distracted Driving, Texting and Driving, Occupant Protection, and on the importance of Sharing the Road with Bicyclists and Pedestrians or Tractor Trailers, among others. We deliver this messaging in a cost effective manner through building relationships with high schools, businesses, government and associations. We enlist the support of hundreds of partners to help us “get the word out.”

Over time, we have cultivated a talented creative team who work together to insure that our messaging will be impactful. Our campaign materials are free of charge and can be viewed at Our website is a valuable resource for those – whether it be teens, parents, drivers or teachers – who are seeking educational information. We also provide presentations and vend at safety and health fairs free of charge.

What makes us unique? We recognize that the injuries and deaths due to car crashes are a health issue – and, with the onset of cellular phones, we are fast approaching a health epidemic.We have developed programming to address these and other driving related issues. And we deliver that messaging through established networks. For example, we developed a curriculum that the Virginia Department of Education has adopted as mandatory. More than 100,000 students each year are taught our curriculum and therefore learn the very special considerations that must be taken when operating in and around large trucks. 

As with any nonprofit, we require funding to maintain the important services that we provide. We appreciate the time that you have taken to view this profile and hope that you will consider making a donation and helping us save lives EVERY DAY on the roadways of Virginia.

Board Chair Statement
Statement from Debbie Pickford, Chair, DRIVE SMART Virginia

DRIVE SMART Virginia (DSV) works diligently to champion safer driving through public and community programming and outreach and maintains an unwavering commitment to improving highway safety
and reducing injuries and deaths from car crashes.

Considered the leader on Virginia highway safety issues, DSV’s focus areas include: promoting greater awareness of the dangers of driving while distracted and urging the public not to text while driving; assisting pedestrians, bicyclists and automobile drivers to “share the road;” helping our youngest teen drivers to drive more safely, and working with the commercial trucking industry to promote the safer driving of
large tractor trailers. State leaders, including the Office of the Governor,
have recognized DSV for its safety efforts and this year, the Governor awarded us the prestigious “Governor’s Motor Carrier Safety Award” for our work on sharing the road with teens and large commercial vehicles. Because of our stellar reputation and strong leadership in the state on highway safety, DSV receives many unsolicited grants – private and public – for projects to improve safety on Virginia’s highways.

As a small, non-profit organization with a large public safety mission, DSVmust strategically harness its limited resources– financial and staff – to consistently deliver high-quality public safety programming. To sharpen its focus and gear up for an even higher level of performance, DSV recently completed a three-year strategic planning process resulting in an exciting new strategic plan to guide our future direction. Part of the strategic plan calls for broadening the organization’s reach by expanding its leadership in the highway safety arena through multiple public-private partnerships. The intent is to leverage the expertise of like-minded organizations such as police departments, universities, cell phone companies, and others to achieve greater overall success in our joint safety goals. To that end, DRIVE SMART Virginia will soon launch a 20-plus partner coalition on distracted driving and convene a statewide forum to explore issues and recommend solutions related to reducing driver distractions.

Having lived in Virginia my entire life, I have watched the traffic volume explode and I cannot think of a nobler cause than to volunteer for an organization that is working to protect people’s lives like DRIVE SMART Virginia. Nearly every family I know has been affected by a car crash and almost everyone knows a person who has been injured or killed in a car crash. And the sad fact is: nearly every car crash is preventable.We’ve had great success improving the safety of our cars, our roads and our driving technologies but now we face the hardest task of all: getting drivers to change bad driving behaviors so everyone can benefit. While changing dangerous driving behaviors isn’t easy, DSV strongly believes that saving lives and reducing car crash injuries is worth every minute of the struggle.

Areas of Service
Areas Served
We serve the entire Commonwealth of Virginia and focus on areas of specific need as identified by crashes, injuries and fatalities.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Bryan Marangoni
Company Affiliation GEICO
Term Aug 2015 to Aug 2017
Board of Directors
Board Members
Mr. Michael Allen Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
Dr. Elizabeth Baker NHTSA
Ms Kim Conyers State Farm Insurance
Colonel Steven Flaherty Virginia State Police
Mr. Gerald Hemphill GFH Insurance Agency
Mr. Terry Jacks Allstate
Mr. John Jones Virginia Sherriffs' Association
Mr Bryan Marangoni GEICO Insurance
Mr Joshua Meals Liberty Mutual Insurance
Mr. Omar Parvaiz Progressive
Ms. Dana Schrad Virginia Association of the Chiefs of Police
Ms Darlene Wells Virginia Farm Bureau
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African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 11
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 1
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Male 8
Female 4
Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits 0
Written Board Selection Criteria? No
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 0
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 95
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 2
Other Boards
The tables below contain information about other groups that advise this nonprofit on operations and projects.
DRIVE SMART Virginia's board members focus on a coporpate partnership. Organizations and companies that are represented on our board give very generous in-kind or financial contributions through their affliated employers, instead of on an individual basis.
Executive Director
Executive Director Ms. Janet Brooking

Janet Brooking has served as the Executive Director of DRIVE SMART Virginia since May 2005. Prior to her involvement with DRIVE SMART Virginia, Janet spent ten years as State Campaign Director for the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, through which she raised more than $28,000,000 for charity.

Janet received her Bachelor of Science degree from Mary Baldwin College and her Certificate in Philanthropy from the University of Richmond. She is also a graduate of the Virginia Collaborative Leaders Program through the Institute for Educational Leadership. She’s won several awards including a Medallion Award from the Public Relations Society of America for a video and an award from her peers at the Department of Human Resource Management for being most "Results Driven" in the agency. Janet's non-profit work has included being a docent at the Maymont Nature Center and serving on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Read Center. Janet currently serves as Vice-President of the Colonial Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Full Time Staff 3
Contractors 9
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Date Strategic Plan Adopted June 2012
Organization Policy and Procedures Under Development
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
Motor Carrier SafetyGovernor's Transportation Safety Award2012
Fiscal Year
Projected Revenue $595,985.00
Projected Expenses $595,985.00
Endowment Value $113,528.00
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Program Expense$450,450$448,231$598,332
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Fundraising Expense$775$1,673$1,736
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Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.020.991.01
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Total Net Assets$356,571$343,681$350,201
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