Health & Wellness

We envision a region in which community members are safe and healthy. Together with you, we aim to promote health and wellness in our region by supporting programs that provide residents with access to comprehensive and coordinated preventative services and quality health care, and help them connect with resources that meet their health, nutritional, and safety needs.

In this section, we will feature local initiatives that are advancing change in the area of Health & Wellness.


Featured Initiative: Active RVA



In 2012, Sports Backers launched Active RVA, a region-wide initiative to inspire our community to make physical activity a personal and regional priority. Providing safe opportunities to walk, run, bike, swim or workout for people of all ages and income levels creates a more vibrant and attractive region to live.

Goals & Objectives

Sports Backers established the “Active RVA” certification and awards program to recognize the region’s employers and schools that are implementing innovative programs to promote physical activity. Award winners are role models for promoting physical fitness in our region. A complete list of employers and schools that have earned Active RVA Certified can be found here.

Part of promoting an active lifestyle is increasing safe and comfortable places for people to walk and bike. When communities are designed with active lifestyles in mind, they are more physically active than communities that lack sidewalks, bike lanes and trails. Bike Walk RVA is a regional program of Sports Backers that supports bike- and pedestrian-friendly policies and infrastructure projects.

The goal of this initiative is to integrate physical activity into how our community lives, works and plays. The priorities of the initiative include working with the City of Richmond and surrounding counties to implement plans that make our community more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly.

Get Involved

You can get involved by signing up for Bike Walk RVA updates here, which will keep you apprised of action alerts and volunteer opportunities within the initiative. You can also join the efforts of the Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition, a growing partnership of community organizations dedicated to building a Richmond region that is bikeable for everyone, by clicking here.





image courtesy SportsBackers