We envision a healthy and vibrant region in which young people achieve in school, engage in their community, and are prepared for the workforce. By working with you, we aim to promote Educational Success in our region by supporting programs that help children begin school ready to learn and provide them with academic and social support throughout their educational experience.

In this section, we will feature local initiatives that are advancing change in the area of Educational Success.

Featured Initiative: MSR 2020


If you work in the world of education, you know that learning doesn’t end when the last bell rings. In fact, in a recent study in part by Capital Regional Collaborative and Bridging Richmond, it was found that the time spent after school – specifically for middle school children – is some of the most important time in shaping the rest of their lives.

With a mutual desire to improve upon this issue and decrease middle school dropout rates, community and business leaders, city and school officials, educators, and nonprofit professionals all came together to create an integrated Out-of-School Time (OST) program through a new initiative, Middle School Renaissance 2020 (MSR 2020). Together they built on the already strong after-school and OST programs that exist in Richmond, using MSR 2020 to fill in the spaces that were lacking to create a well rounded program that fully supports the development of academic, social and personal skills for middle school students. With nonprofit partners like United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg, Communities in Schools and Richmond Promise Neighborhoods, as well as financial and leadership support from businesses like Mead WestVaco, Altria and Genworth, MSR 2020 addresses the missing pieces in the OST programs to provide an infrastructure that allows for better collaboration between schools and nonprofits, the accessibility to those programs, and stabilized funding.

The ultimate goal of Middle School Renaissance 2020 is to create a better Richmond education system by starting at the root of the issue. By addressing key needs in the Out-of-School Time program, MSR 2020 hopes to improve student outcomes and, by working with key community partners and organizations, contribute to a more vibrant community for generations to come.

Additional Information

MSR 2020 is still under development, working towards a launch in the fall of 2014. Information will be added here as it becomes available.

If you have questions, please contact Barbara Couto Sipe at (804) 330-7400, Ext. 154.



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