We envision a region in which community members have access to and an appreciation for arts and cultural opportunities. Together with you, we aim to promote cultural vibrancy in our region by supporting opportunities for local residents to engage in arts and cultural activities, programs that develop our cultural, natural and historical assets, and cultural events that appeal to a diverse and multi-generational audiences.

In this section, we will feature initiatives that are advancing change in the area of Cultural Vibrancy.


Featured Initiative: Beautiful RVA



Formed in January 2013, Beautiful RVA is a regional coalition of public and private agencies that share a commitment to improving the quality of life in greater Richmond through public horticulture, urban greening, and beautiful place-making initiatives. Through improved facilitation and communication, they are driven to increase local capacity to accomplish urban greening projects that are often beyond the reach and resources of local government.

Underway since January 2013, the coalition weekly receives an e-mail digest of newsworthy greening initiatives, calls to action, appeals for volunteer services, and invitations to offer citizen input on strategic public and private greening projects. Periodically the group meets to discuss opportunities and initiatives for major civic engagement.



The current 200+ person roster of Beautiful RVA represents an affinity group of over 50 agencies and organizations, including City of Richmond administrators and elected representatives; heads of prominent community environmental organizations; university, cultural and tourism representatives; urban planners and economic development specialists; and grassroots neighborhood and civic associations. By extension, these individuals have related civic and volunteer interests that expand their circle of influence at least two-fold.

Beautiful RVA, with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden providing expertise in public horticulture, is encouraging collaboration through capable facilitation, enhanced regional communication and networking, and an increased focus on progress in urban greening and beautiful place-making initiatives. The Garden’s respected community profile, institutional credibility, and success in amassing and leveraging private support—along with its horticultural knowledge base and organizational development skills—has engendered a sense of hopeful, collaborative momentum.


Additional Information

Meetings are held every other month and are open to anyone who would like to attend. For a list of upcoming events, click here.

You can also follow the discussion on Twitter at #beautifulrva.



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image courtesy Lews Ginter Botanical Garden