Through a partnership with GuideStar, a national database of registered charities (and the platform behind GiveRichmond technology), publicly viewable data from your organization’s GiveRichmond portrait will transfer to your organization’s GuideStar Exchange Profile ( on a quarterly basis.

What does this mean for your organization?

Only viewable portraits will be included in the data share. An updated GiveRichmond portrait will ensure that the information in the GuideStar Exchange Profile is also current. You do not have to update both portraits.

GuideStar data is used by Network for Good, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program (VCEP) and Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, among others (see full list of GuideStar partners here:

What information will appear in GuideStar?

Only information that is currently viewable to the public will appear in GuideStar. Non-viewable documents and data will not appear in the GuideStar Exchange Profile.

GiveRichmond portraits of organizations that are chapters or share an EIN with a parent organization will NOT be included in the sharing of data.

Only viewable GiveRichmond portrait data will be copied and transferred from GiveRichmond to GuideStar.

Organizations that are currently not in GuideStar will not have their data transferred.

If an organization has a GuideStar profile that is newer than the approved date of the organization’s GiveRichmond portrait, the GiveRichmond portrait will not replace the organization’s GuideStar profile. 

Organizations with GuideStar profiles older than the organization’s GiveRichmond portrait will have their current GuideStar profile replaced with their GiveRichmond portrait.

What do you need to do?

Keep the GiveRichmond portrait current to ensure that the most relevant information appears on GuideStar. Don’t forget to submit the portrait for publishing by clicking "Send to Foundation"

Questions? Contact Phil Giaramita atpgiaramita@tcfrichmond.orgor by phone at 804-330-7400 ext. 121.