Safe Harbor
P.O. Box 17996
Richmond VA 23226
Mission Statement

Safe Harbor provides the support that survivors of sexual and domestic violence need to overcome their crisis and to transform their lives.  


Safe Harbor provides the support that survivors of sexual and domestic violence need to overcome their crisis and to transform their lives.  


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CEO/Executive Director Mrs. Cathy Easter
Board Chair Ms. Karen Cole
Board Chair Company Affiliation Assura, Inc.
Contact Information
Address P.O. Box 17996
Richmond, VA 23226
Telephone 804 249-9470
Fax 804 249-9472
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1998
Financial Summary
Projected Revenue $886,315.00
Projected Expenses $884,004.00

Safe Harbor provides the support that survivors of sexual and domestic violence need to overcome their crisis and to transform their lives.  


Safe Harbor provides the support that survivors of sexual and domestic violence need to overcome their crisis and to transform their lives.  



Safe Harbor could not deliver our mission without the support of our community partners. We recognize the importance of collaboration. Our relationships with many various groups allowed us to expand our efforts to serve various populations.


  • A partnership with Lakeside United Methodist Church, and the use of a home they own, has allowed Safe Harbor to provide transitional housing. This opportunity expanded our available bed count for families escaping violence.

  • With our sister agencies, the YWCA of Richmond and Hanover Safe Place, we continue to provide hospital accompaniment to 11 area hospitals across the greater Richmond region. This unique collaborative provides survivors of sexual and domestic abuse accompaniment and follow up services at the most critical time.

  • Human trafficking is a growing concern in our region. Recognizing that we needed to expand services to these victims, Safe Harbor entered into a partnership with Gray Haven, a local non-profit specializing in trafficking issues, and Commonwealth Catholic Charities. Our three agencies combined can now provide intensive case management services, trauma-informed therapy, and offender education.

  • Domestic violence immigration cases have been on the rise. Safe Harbor’s partnership with Virginia Poverty Law Center supports immigrant survivors by combining advocacy with specialized legal services.

  • Intimate partner violence on college campuses is making headlines. Safe Harbor entered in agreements with the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University to bring intervention and prevention strategies designed specifically for campus students and faculty.

  • The need for services to the LGBTQ community has always been on Safe Harbor’s radar, so it was natural to accept an opportunity to partner with the Virginia Anti-Violence Project on a federal grant to provide services to this under-served population. The Richmond Area Partnership (RAP) was created to increase safety and services for the LGBTQ community.


Our most pressing needs:
1) Funding support to continue to provide comprehensive services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence in Henrico County.
2) Volunteers who are eager to serve survivors in the shelter, in the emergency room, and in the courtroom.
Distressed because there were not enough safe-house beds for patients victimized by domestic violence, an ER nurse from St. Mary's Hospital founded Safe Harbor in 1998. She sought the assistance of the Mission department at Bon Secours Richmond Health System, and a coalition of partners was established with Bon Secours, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Henrico County, the VCU Sexual Assault Program, and the YWCA. Safe Harbor’s domestic violence shelter opened its doors in April 2000.  Since that time, Safe Harbor has expanded our programs and services to include the following: a 24-hour emergency hotline, community counseling program for adults and children (in English and Spanish), women's support groups in both English and Spanish, transitional housing, a comprehensive community education program, a bi-lingual court advocacy program in Henrico County, and a regional hospital accompaniment program with Bon Secours and MCV hospitals for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 
All of Safe Harbor's services are free of charge and open to any survivor of sexual and domestic violence.  Safe Harbor's primary service area is Henrico County, where no other community-based sexual or domestic violence services exist. 
Areas of Service
Areas Served
Henrico County
While Henrico County is Safe Harbor's primary service area, we are proud to collaborate with our community partners to serve the entire greater Richmond region.
Board Chair
Board Chair Ms. Karen Cole
Company Affiliation Assura, Inc.
Term July 2016 to June 2018
Board of Directors
Board Members
Mr. Jamie Alexander Redmond Asset Management, LLC
Ms. Diane Cafritz CarMax Auto Superstors
Ms. Karen Cole Assura, Inc.
Mr. Charles Dyson ROSMY
Mr. Jeffrey Fielo CarMax
Ms. Gail Harris United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
Ms. Mary Catharine Ginn Kolbert Bon Secours Health System
Ms. Elizabeth Littlefield J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Ms. Ashley Lumpkin Anthem, Inc.
Mr. Brendan Paget Allianz Global Assistance
Ms. Sharon Taylor Goodwill
Ms. Mindy Telliard DuPont
Ms. Brooke Tudeen Martin Agency
Ms. Jennifer Winn Royall & Company
Ms. Laura Wooten Fortis Group
Ms. Mary Kate Zekert Bowen, Ten, Cardani, PC
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 15
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 2
Female 14
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 82
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 60
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 6
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Board Governance
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Other Boards
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Executive Director
Executive Director Mrs. Cathy Easter


Full Time Staff 9
Part Time Staff 5
Volunteers 130
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 100
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Yes
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Date Strategic Plan Adopted May 2012
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
FLITEFirst Lady of Virginia2010
Purple Ribbon AwardVirginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance2011
Nexus AwardVirginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance2011
Community CollaborationRichmond History Makers2011
"You actually heard me. Thank you." survivor accessing hotline service 
Safe Harbor operates a sexual and domestic violence hotline 365 days a year, 24 hours a day which supports those calling with safety planning, crisis intervention, legal resources, counseling, and community referrals.
Population Served Victims
Short Term Success
By the end of any hotline call, the caller will have increased knowledge of safety planning and additional resources. Hotline callers receive immediate assistance and support. 
In FY 10, we answered 1,295 hotline calls.
Long Term Success
Ideally, we will be a community leader in ending sexual and domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.
In our first ten years, we have answered over 11,000 hotline calls.
"I can actually think here. I don't have to be afraid anymore." house resident
The shelter is available for women and children fleeing domestic or sexual violence at an undisclosed location in Henrico County.  Residents develop goals during their stay and work with their case manager to meet these. They receive support and information from staff, volunteers and other residents.   Emergency shelter is also available for men who may be experiencing domestic violence and are in danger.
Recently, Safe Harbor added a transitional housing program that provides twelve months of affordable housing to eligible clients leaving the emergency shelter. This allows survivors additional time to meet their goals and further strengthen their financial standing. This has been shown to help stabilize the lives of survivors and help survivors attain sustainable, permanent housing. 
Population Served Victims
Budget $203,884.00
Short Term Success
We measure success in the percentage of our sheltered families that leave our program with options for housing, employment, education, and treatment. Additionally, those who reside at Safe Harbor have a safe place to live -- some for the very first time in their lives. The impact of this is difficult to measure but impossible to deny.
In FY10, we provided 3,022 nights of shelter to 76 clients.
Long Term Success
Ideally, we will be a community leader in ending sexual and domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.

In our first ten years, we have provided over 25,000 nights of shelter to over 1,100 persons.
"I don't know how I could have done this without you. Thank you." survivor accessing support through Court Advocacy program
Supportive counseling is available in individual and group settings, allowing adult survivors of sexual and domestic violence to work through the abuse they have experienced, empowering them to make future choices that are safe and healthy.
Safe Harbor also provides assistance to victims seeking protective orders in the Henrico County court system. Advocates provide information about the legal process and accompany victims to court.
Safe Harbor also partners with YWCA and Hanover Safe Place in a program called RHART (Regional Hospital Accompaniment Response Team) to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence in local emergency departments. Advocates respond 24-hours a day to provide support and information to those in critical need.  
Population Served Victims
Budget $223,209.00
Short Term Success
Every counseling client receives support, information, and community referrals.Survivors accessing support through community counseling, court advocacy and RHART receive immediate assistance from a highly trained advocate who is able to listen and help that survivor chose what is best for him or her. 
In FY10, we provided services to 636 clients.
Long Term Success
Ideally, we will be a community leader in ending sexual and domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.

In our first ten years, we provided counseling to over 1,100 survivors.
"This is what I need mom. Do you hear me?" child in our services
Children in the emergency shelter and the community can receive individual counseling, support group and case management services to help them work through the family violence they have experienced.  Parenting sessions are also available as part of the work with the family.  The program also includes intensive case management services, allowing the children's counselor to coordinate with the school system and other social service agencies to help the child heal from abuse and function to the best of his or her ability.
Population Served Victims
Budget $49,431.00
Short Term Success
Each child receives support and increases their understanding of safety planning and available resources.Children and youth who receive support from Safe Harbor learn about sexual and domestic violence, they learn how to be as safe as they can and they learn they are valuable and important.
In FY10, we provided services to 109 children in shelter and the community.
Long Term Success
Ideally, we will be a community leader in ending sexual and domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.

In our first ten years, we provided services to over 750 children in the shelter and the community.
"This training changed my life. I think everyone should be required to take it!" Volunteer Training participant
Customized education presentations are available to any community organization, corporation or professional group.  Presentation topics include:  sexual and domestic violence, recognizing signs of domestic violence in the workplace, and specialized law enforcement and medical professional training.   In addition, programs for children, teens and young adults that include bullying, healthy relationships and dating violence are also available.
Population Served Adults
Budget $125,174.00
Short Term Success
Every recipient of our educational programming increases their knowledge of sexual and domestic violence, safety planning, and community resources. We firmly believe training participants create a significant ripple effect in our community sharing information about Safe Harbor, the issues of sexual and domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.
In FY10, we conducted presentations to 1,452 participants.
Long Term Success
Ideally, we will be a community leader in ending sexual and domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.

In our first ten years, we have provided educational presentations to over 18,000 local residents.
Fiscal Year
Projected Revenue $886,315.00
Projected Expenses $884,004.00
Endowment Value $655,905.00
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