Heart Havens, Inc.
812 Moorefield Park Drive, #301
Richmond VA 23236
Mission Statement
Heart Havens empowers adults with intellectual disabilities to live and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.


CEO/Executive Director Jennifer Boyden MA, QIDP
Board Chair Mr. Lee Price
Board Chair Company Affiliation Retired- DBHDS
Contact Information
Address 812 Moorefield Park Drive, #301
Richmond, VA 23236
Telephone 804 237-6097
Fax 804 237-6098
E-mail info@hearthavens.org
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1996
Financial Summary
Revenue vs Expense Bar Graph - All Years
Expense Breakdown Bar Chart - All Years
Projected Revenue $3,203,851.00
Projected Expenses $3,194,960.00
Heart Havens empowers adults with intellectual disabilities to live and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.


2016 Accomplishments:
  • Supported individuals with intellectual disabilities encouraging independence and self sufficiency, as they are able. All residents participated in giving back to the community where they live.
  • Received grant funding for 2 new vans, home maintenance and training expenses.
  • Enhanced the training program- numerous opportunities for employees to learn more about person centered planning including, person centered thinking training, coaches training, and plan facilitation. Completed the second year of a collaborative project with two other provider organizations. As a result of the Career Ladder for Direct Support Professionals program, Heart Havens has promoted two employees.
  • Partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University, the Partnership for People with Disabilities and a domestic violence awareness group. The goal of this project is to expose students to a curriculum that teaches healthy relationships to people with disabilities. Heart Havens is coordinating the sites and the learners with disabilities.
  • Developed and implemented an employee engagement survey. The resulting plan to be shared and deployed early 2016.
  • Developed and implemented an employee satisfaction survey. The resulting plan and activities to be communicated and implemented throughout 2016.
  • Consolidation of the Operations Director position and the Quality Assurance Director into the position of the Strategic Excellence Director.
  • Began supporting residents with their representative payee needs.
  • Production of a number of videos that communicate the capabilities and contributions of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Creation of a referral database to capture information on all inquires for services.
2016 Initiatives:
  • Implementation of a seamless payroll and human resources system.
  • Migrate from Raisers Edge to Network for Good to streamline processes and save costs.
  • Develop a grant management database.
  • Explore organizational structure options to support program expansion and offer new services.
  • Start an in-home service program that provides support to people who choose to continue residing in a family member's home.
  • Implement an employee bonus program that is based on team work and key deliverables. Creating more direct support levels based on experience and education to encourage direct support staff who are interested in promotions.
  • Establish relationships with schools within the service area with the goal of creating a pipeline for future employees.
  • Continue to explore partnerships and new directions


Heart Havens’ most urgent needs include:
  1. Increasing operating revenue to ensure financial stability.
  2. Seeking capacity building funds to hire a nurse to meet the aging population and increased medical needs of our residents and to expand into other types of service delivery. 
  3. Build Endowment to provide for ongoing maintenance for existing homes.
  4. Gifts that support our mission and allow us the flexibility to create a  program not supported by other means.
  5. Gifts for capital expenses including expansion, explore supporting people in different setting/ using technology, and vehicles.


Heart Havens builds and operates homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. There are 11 Heart Havens homes across Virginia including: Varina (2), Ashland, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Kilmarnock, Colonial Beach, Lynchburg (2), Winchester and Stuarts Draft. Over 50 individuals live in Heart Havens homes and receive training and support in life skills.
Heart Havens began in 1994 as a result of a parent of an adult child with intellectual disabilities asking a pastor: “Where will my child live when I am gone?” The Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church responded to this question.   They held over 21 public hearings across Virginia and recognized the need for residential services.  Individuals and families were asked what services they needed. Heart Havens, Inc. was born of those discussions. 

While The Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church started Heart Havens, with support from area Community Service Boards and community organizations, Heart Havens has been a separate, non-denominational nonprofit as designated by the Internal Revenue Service since 2003. 


CEO Statement

It is my privilege to be the CEO of Heart Havens. The opportunity to work with dedicated and loving employees, volunteers, and families is awesome and inspiring. It is a close second to the love I feel and receive when I spend time in the Heart Havens' homes. Our organization is committed to ongoing growth, industry best practices, and continuous learning. We are nearing the conclusion of a three year career ladderfor Direct Support Professionals project that was done in collaboration with 2 other providers. In addition, most of our employees have been trained in the new waiver manual. Board development activities continue to occur on a regular basis and include industry specific training as well as general knowledge needed to be an effective and responsive Board of Directors. These efforts are preparing the foundation of the organization as we prepare to expand into offering new services including in-home supports and sponsored placement. In 2016, Heart Havens began a collaborative relationship with a college and serves as a primary site for Health Care Internships. This collaboration has been very successful and increases operational efficiency while offering a challenging and diverse work experience for the student. We continue to utilize technology to streamline documentation, processes, and improve monitoring of quality over our large service area. This immediate access improves lines of communication and enables a full team approach to a situation. More senior staff are able to review and advise in situations resulting in a better quality of services. As we enter 2017, we know that the waiver design has many implications that will change the way we do business. To address this the organization will work with a strategic plan facilitator in the first part of the year with the goal of designing a plan that addresses changes, current challenges, and new directions. But all this is behind the scenes. We invite you to visit a Heart Havens' home. This is where the life and the fun can be found! What you will experience is the family that they have become and the hugs that are given so freely. I recommend getting involved; it's good for your spirit! I can tell you that your time or gift will be appreciated, given back to you many times over, and one you will not regret! January 2017


Board Chair Statement
As a sibling of a family member with intellectual disabilities the mission of Heart Havens is close to my heart. Early in my career I worked in a setting that supports people with intellectual disabilities and gained much insight into the world of service delivery.  This varied and lifetime of experience has given me solid perspective on what a person needs, what a family wants, and what an employee seeks from this support role. With this balanced perspective I am proud to be the Chair of the Heart Havens Board.  Heart Havens fully lives their mission in the manner they carry out responsibilities at all levels. Heart Havens is an organization that offers adults with intellectual disabilities a life that reflects what the person wants for their life and is full of opportunity. Our trained professionals support our homes and the residents with respect, concern and love. The training that the employees receive goes beyond mandates to ensure that employees have the critical understanding of how to best support each person on an individual basis.  As I mentioned before, they live the Heart Havens Mission statement which reads, “Heart Havens empowers adults with intellectual disabilities to live and thrive in a safe and nurturing
environment” and in its values: Integrity, Respect, Empowerment, Empathy and Accountability.

Heart Havens is always looking over the horizon and learning from its past.  In the upcoming year we are excited to be bringing on new services and exploring other ways to add value to the lives of the people we support and the communities they live in.  As we continue to work in our second three year strategic plan the Heart Havens Board of Directors and staff  agreed that foundation issues will be our focus:  Programs, Management, Marketing, Governance, Financial Resources, and Administrative Systems.
The framework of goals in our current strategic plan are:
  1. Provide a consistently high quality of services
  2. Be supported by a diverse, well managed, committed and professional Board of Directors
  3. Employ quality professional employees at all levels
  4. To operate in a financially responsible manner
  5. To expand our visibility in Virginia

These goals include Outcome Measures, Objectives, Intermediate Measures and Initiatives. The Executive Committee also serves as the Strategic Planning committee and is engaged in monitoring and supporting these objectives.

As with any organization, there are challenges that have to be faced, including reduced support from Medicaid, increasing regulatory expectations, Medicaid Waiver Reform, ensuring Board members are diverse in skills and knowledge and up to date on the changing environment we operate within, and keeping abreast of changing trends in the field.  The employees at Heart Havens work diligently to be prepared to face each new challenge. 

It is an honor to serve as Chair of Heart Havens Board of Directors working alongside dedicated volunteers and staff. 


Erin Karnolt
Heart Havens Board Chair
Areas of Service
Areas Served
Heart Havens supports individuals with intellectual disabilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We currently support 11 group homes located in:  Varina (2), Ashland, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Kilmarnock, Colonial Beach, Lynchburg (2), Winchester and Stuarts Draft.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Lee Price
Company Affiliation Retired- DBHDS
Term Jan 2017 to Dec 2018
Email bethechangeclp@verizon.net
Board CoChair
Board CoChair Mr. Eric Vaudt
Company Affiliation Virginia United Methodist Church
Term Jan 2017 to Dec 2018
Email ejvaudt67@gmail.com
Board of Directors
Board Members
Mr. Brian Berkey Thalhimer Property Management
Mr. Avi Hopkins Consultant- non profits
Mr. Edward Judkins Richmond DSS
Ms. Erin Karnolt Community Volunteer
Mr. Danny Kesner Virginia United Methodist Church
Mr. Allen Langford NASA
Ms. Connie Nichols Community Volunteer
Ms. Dale Pennell Community Volunteer
Mr. Lee Price Retired- DBHDS
Mr. Bert Ramsay InVolve
Mr. Ron Rumsey Community Volunteer
Mr. Michael Steele Huntington Learning Center
Ms. Gayle Stortz Community Volunteer
Mr. Eric Vaudt Virginia United Methodist Church
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 3
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 13
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 10
Female 6
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 65
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
Risk Management Provisions
Workplace Violence
Accident and Injury Coverage
Automobile Insurance
Automobile Insurance and Umbrella or Excess Insurance
Blanket Personal Property
Boiler and Machinery
Business Income
Commercial General Insurance
Commercial General Liability
Commercial General Liability and D and O and Umbrella or Excess and Automobile and Professional
Commercial General Liability and Medical Malpractice
Computer Equipment and Software
Crime Coverage
Directors and Officers Policy
Disability Insurance
Employee Benefits Liability
Employee Dishonesty
Employment Practices Liability
Extra Expense Insurance
General Property Coverage
General Property Coverage and Professional Liability
Improper Sexual Conduct/Sexual Abuse
Life Insurance
Medical Health Insurance
Professional Liability
Property in Transit and Off Premises
Umbrella or Excess Insurance
Workers Compensation and Employers' Liability
Workplace Violence
Employee Dishonesty
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Other Boards
The tables below contain information about other groups that advise this nonprofit on operations and projects.

 Heart Havens operates throughout the state and it is the goal of our Board of Directors to have statewide representation. Presently, we have a high-quality mixture with respect to skill sets, age and geographic representation. It remains an ongoing goal to have diversity in these areas as well as race and religion. In addition, the Board has made a commitment to build out the standing committees with non-board members who have an interest in Heart Havens’ mission. 

Executive Director
Executive Director Jennifer Boyden MA, QIDP

Heart Havens’ Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Boyden, has served in this position since July 2008. Previously, she was the Executive Director of SupportOne (formerly Community-Based Services), a nonprofit that also provided residential supports to adults with intellectual disabilities. She helped build that organization from the grass roots. She has 26 years experience in the field.  Her experience ranges from direct care to executive level.  Presently, Jennifer has 20 years in management and executive level experience. Her undergraduate degree is in Human Services and her Masters degree in Organizational Management.

Jennifer has also earned her certificate in nonprofit management from VCU/ Nonprofit Learning Point. She is also a graduate from the Emerging Nonprofit Leadership Program and Leadership Metro Richmond.  Currently Jennifer is an active member of the Virginia Council for CEO's and serves on the boards of several local nonprofit organization.


Senior Staff
Ms. Brenda Sasser MBA, QIDPCheif Operations Officer
Full Time Staff 45
Part Time Staff 25
Volunteers 280
Retention Rate 59
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Yes
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Date Strategic Plan Adopted Oct 2014
Management Succession Plan? No
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
  1. A career ladder collaboration with Richmond Residential, SupportOne, and Wytheville Community College.
  2. Training on Healthy Relationships with The Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and VCU.   
HandsOn Greater Richmond2010
Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence2007
Combined Federal Campaign2013
External Assessments and Accreditations
Better Business Bureau of Central VA - Accredited Charity2015
Heart Havens encourages community integration through participation. Our guiding values include choice, respect, inclusion, empowerment and safety.  Heart Havens offers intensive residential support and training to individuals with intellectual disabilities in twelve group homes across Virginia.  

We work in partnership with the local Community Service Boards, the United Methodist Church, and other community stakeholders to promote a seamless service delivery for all the individuals we support. Heart Havens uses a service model based on best practices, including person-centered thinking. 

Heart Havens promotes self determination, advocacy, family support and involvement with community to enhance opportunity for growth. Staff supports address the desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety and lifespan issues of the individuals supported. They ensure each resident is empowered and has the opportunity to voice his/her preference and lead a lifestyle based on individual needs and desires.  Heart Havens ensures that each resident has the opportunity to have their own dreams and to develop a plan to explore those dreams. This use of person-centered planning at Heart Havens promotes dignity and respect by allowing individual's control in their everyday decisions.
Population Served Adults
Short Term Success
  • Individuals receiving supports that promote choice, dignity and respect
  • Community integration and involvement
  • Staff completion of training opportunities utilizing a nationally recognized, industry-specific, online learning environment
  • Completion of the The Bullet Proof Manager program by supervisory staff 
Long Term Success
Future successes at Heart Havens would provide for expansion of services to include additional group homes in Virginia, apartment complex models that support independent life styles and Mental Health Supports.      
CEO/ED/Board Comments

For close to 20 years, Heart Havens, Inc. has been a provider of supports to adults with intellectual disabilities throughout Virginia. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to live and thrive in the communities they live in and make strong community connections, experience their lives to their full potential and develop a strong sense of well-being. Heart Havens, Inc. supports strong community connections through actively supporting each individual with their choices of activities to participate in within the community. These activities include: county programs, academic enrichment, arts, recreation, exercise groups, volunteering, church, concerts, etc. Regular involvement in these activities support a person becoming a respected participant of the group and more connected to their community.

Our housing options provide safe and nurturing places for people to develop social and life skills as a part of everyday learning. We support people to maintain and re-establish strong family bonds. With a strong volunteer base of caring adults and youth, we help people make new connections and friends.
The need is also evolving. Over recent years, our programs now serve a greater percentage of people who have significant medical and behavioral support needs that require more intensive support systems. As this need continues to grow, government funding has not kept up and, in many areas, declined. For future growth and sustainability, we are engaging in strategic partnerships and focusing on new partnerships for fund development.
As we have listened to the people we support and their families, we have learned that we need to offer new types of housing options. We are exploring and beginning our journey to offering apartments, providing in-home supports, and sponsored placement support. Through increasing the number of ways that we provide services we can reach and impact a broader scope of people with varying needs and levels of support. In all support services our goal will remain the ability to offer a more fully integrated community and more independence to the people in our services.
With the Medicaid Waiver Reform much has changed. In the first part of 2017 we plan to work with a facilitator to address these changes, current challenges and future directions.
The support we receive from community partners and private donors allows us to maintain our services. As we look to the future in an environment where resources are stretched to serve more people with more diverse and complex needs, we will continue to focus our efforts on the development of corporate and other philanthropic partnerships. We will continue to enhance and expand our partnerships with other providers as we share similar goals and combine resources for the best service delivery outcomes. These partnerships will help us sustain and support the ever-growing and changing needs of people with disabilities, utilizing additional models that supports best practices. Most importantly, it will empower people with disabilities and their families and provide a more inclusive and supportive community where people of all abilities can succeed and thrive.
To continue improving the quality of our programs, we have established and begun executing a plan that will address the new training needs . This plan also includes the transition from one crisis intervention training method to another method that has additional add-in modules to deepen the learning. We utilize technology in a number of ways to enhance our services including Therap, an electronic system of records management that, enables our organization to have real-time oversight for all program operations and an integrated HRIS that carries information on an employee starting at the point of application through their employment and separation from employment including COBRA.
In 2016 we developed and uploaded information into a grant management database to track and manage our fundraising activities.
Fiscal Year
Projected Revenue $3,203,851.00
Projected Expenses $3,194,960.00
Endowment Value $57,370.00
Spending Policy Income Only
Form 990s
IRS Letter of Exemption
Detailed Financials
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201520142013
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$57,955$2,789,281$2,855,350
Individual Contributions$79,385$264,712$284,032
Investment Income, Net of Losses$5,124$576$566
Membership Dues------
Special Events------
Revenue In-Kind$57,955$79,148--
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$2,841,959$3,330,380$3,297,850
Administration Expense$390,605$429,371$422,624
Fundraising Expense$119,876$133,178$126,671
Payments to Affiliates------
Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.940.930.94
Program Expense/Total Expenses85%86%86%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue58%4%4%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$2,597,775$3,042,919$3,241,511
Current Assets$405,023$449,127$625,830
Long-Term Liabilities$11,509$23,879$40,679
Current Liabilities$206,301$249,146$163,761
Total Net Assets$2,379,965$2,769,894$3,037,071
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities1.961.803.82
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%1%1%
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
State Charitable Solicitaions Permit
Solicitations Permit
Solicitations Permit ExemptionView
Organization Comments
The needs of the people we support are not adequately covered by the Medicaid reimbursement rate and we continue to actively engage and expand our fundraising efforts. Many of our operating costs are unfunded mandates.  In addition, we respond to our Christian calling by supporting people when they are in the hospital.  This is a time that can be scary and communication is often a barrier between the resident and their medical team.  By having staff available we ensure that the highest level of care is attained.  This time is not considered reimbursable and often puts us into overtime costs.  In addition, we continue to explore ways of incorporating technology to empower and increase independence of the people we support while reducing some of the direct care costs. With collaborations we have formed and that are underway, we are striving to improve areas such as employee training and community and internal volunteerism.  Working with the community, we are exercising good stewardship of all available resources.  
Foundation Comments
  • Audited financial statements for 2009 represent the combined financial position of Heart Havens, Inc. and its affiliate, Heart Havens-Colonial Beach, Inc.
  • IRS 990 for 2011 and 2009 represents solely the financial position of Heart Havens, Inc.
  • Revenue from "Individuals" may also includes corporate and foundation support.